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We provide an inventory of at least 15,000 repairable salvage vehicles for sale each week. Each vehicle is listed and described in a searchable real-time online database to include 10 photos, make/model and year, mileage, vehicle identification number, equipment options, description of condition, estimated repair cost, location and if it starts and runs. The database is updated each day, new inventory is added as it becomes available and vehicles are deleted from the inventory databases after they have been sold. All vehicles listed for sale in the database are posted in current real-time and are available for purchase.

The selection of vehicles changes every day with at least 15,000 vehicles always in stock and for sale. Vehicles posted for sale on our website can continue to be depicted on the website after they have been sold.  This is done so that certain unique vehicles can serve as examples of the same or similar inventory that may be available each week and highlight some of the exceptional buying opportunities that may be available each week.

The advertised prices of the vehicles depicted on our website may not be the actual selling price of that particular vehicle, but rather an example of the general price range for the same or similar vehicles being sold each week. Pricing varies depending on mileage, options, physical and mechanical condition and market demand at the time the vehicle is being offered for sale.

These vehicles are sold with titles and applicable sales documents. Expert transport services are available to promptly deliver vehicles to destinations worldwide. Our services are offered with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee that insures immediate access to more than 15,000 readily repairable salvage vehicles for sale each week at deeply discounted prices.


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